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Chloe & Decs

Last Saturday saw the fun loving pair that is Chloe and Declan tie the knot.

With a bit of a damp start to the day, the rain held off to allow the newly wed's friends and family to make the most of Marsh Farm Hotel’s private grounds. Chloe and Declan told me previously that they really wanted a good old fashioned party for their wedding, and joined by their guests, they certainly did just that.

For Mr and Mrs McGann's photos we found a local(ish) field, interrupting a couple who were out having a nice Saturday afternoon....err...walk as we arrived....we made the most of the beautiful views, surrounded by peaceful Wiltshire countryside. Once we arrived at Marsh Farm, Chloe and Decs mingled with guests, before some awesome and theatrical speeches and food.

Just before dusk I dragged them both out to explore more of the hotel's hidden grounds and managed to capture some more intimate photos of them both.

Thank you both for a wonderful day, it's been awesome getting to know you both over the past year or so! I hope you have an awesome honeymoon and I will catch up with you when you are back.

Also a massive thanks as always to the talented Rhi and my videographers for the day - the extremely hard working Patrick and Pawel, who didn't stop the entire day!


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