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Emily & Paul

Southam, Gloucestershire

Emily and Paul's July 2022 wedding was a beautiful and intimate celebration, held at Southam Church, followed by continued celebrations nearby at Emily's family home. The couple's children, Phoebe and George, played a special role in the day, adding to the joy and love that filled the air.

Having previously lived next door to Emily and Paul, I was so honoured to be asked to capture their special day. The couple's bohemian, DIY wedding was a truly unique and personal affair, with hand-made decorations adding a special touch to the celebration.

From Emily getting ready with her bridal party, to the emotional exchange of vows at the church, to the joyous reception with loved ones, every moment was beautiful and more importantly: perfectly THEM.

I hope these photos bring back all the happiness and love of Emily and Paul's wedding day for years to come.

Congratulations again to the happy couple, and I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness together!


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