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Tonicha & Sean

Tonicha and Sean tied the knot last weekend at the absolutely breathtaking Crug Glâs Country House. Although a fair distance from my doorstep I have been looking forward to this wedding ever since the day Sean first told me he had met a girl named Tonicha.

The couple were joined last week by their nearest and dearest, including their beautiful daughter Aira, who was the most perfect little flower girl.

Immediately after the ceremony Sean, Tonicha and myself were whisked off to a local harbour for some more intimate photographs before heading back to Crug Glas to continue the day's festivities.

Having known Sean now for 8 years and living with him for one of those, I can safely say that not only will Tonicha spend the rest of her life tidying up after him, but she has also married one of the most generous and loyal men that I know.

Tonicha, you looked absolutely stunning and both of your hard work planning your special day together ensured that everyone felt like a huge part and had an awesome time.

To the Pughs!


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